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Re: motherboard suggestions

On Thu, May 03, 2001, Gregory T. Norris wrote:
> I need to replace a dual PIII-600MHz motherboard, which apparently got
> fried.  I'd appreciate any suggestions for a good, Linux friendly one.
> Preferably something which can make use of ECC memory, which the dead
> one (i840 chipset) couldn't.
> It's not yet clear if either CPU survived, so feel free to suggest
> boards which might not support the old processors.
> Thanx!


Depending upon how much you're looking to spend, you might want to
look into a Supermicro board with a Serverworks chipset.  A little on
the pricey side (~$500+), but that might be worth it for you.  I'm
personally waiting (still...) for the dual Athlons to come out
(promises, promises) which should give super bang for the buck
(depending upon final unknown cost of dual motherboard) with PC2100
memory ($115/256Mb from Crucial).

Hope this helps and take care,


Daniel A. Freedman
Laboratory for Atomic and Solid State Physics
Department of Physics
Cornell University

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