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VNC problems in stable?


I've been using VNC on a bunch of platforms (Debian/unstable(x86 and
sparc); Debian/stable(sparc); Solaris; RH6.2; Win32), but the two x86
Debian/Stable boxen I've tried are having troubles.

Xvnc starts, but none of the clients in my startup file will start.  I
get a bunch of Xt auth denied errors (for the correct display), I'm
also unable to start clents on the running display from the command
line either.

I have /usr/local NFS mounted on all the x86 Linux machines and though
the vncserver binary there runs on the Debian/unstable and RH6.2
boxen, it produces this error as does the vncserver installed locally
with apt-get.

I'm quite baffled, and have a pressing need for VNC on a production
machine, which I'd really rather run stable on rather than unstable or

Any Ideas?


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