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Netscape Error: Readlink error: Invalid argument

 I recently got a new hard-drive because I was running out of space
 and I created a new partition on this which I mounted as /usr. I
 (cp -R ) all the files from the original /usr. Now netscape does not
 run at all. The version of netscape is Netscape navigator 4.73, my
 linux is slink, the kernel 2.2.17. It had been running fine before.

 The error message is:

    Readlink error: Invalild argument
    Can't determine my name. Aborting.

 Clearly, while copying some links have got messed up. I thought it
 was just the link to netscape-smotif. This was an actual file in the
 new partition in /usr/lib/netscape/473. I removed this and linked
 /usr/lib/netscape/base-4/wrapper to netscape-smotif, but I got the
 same error.

 Any suggestions how I can run this down?


Sebastian Canagaratna
Department of Chemistry
Ohio Northern University

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