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Re: Fasttrak IDE Raid + Quotas

Daniel Sand wrote:
> Hi Debian Folks,
> I have some problem with a new Fileserver on my work.
> Specs:
> PIII 800
> 256 MB Ram
> FastTrak IDE Raid Controller ( 3 HD ( 75 GB IBM ) = STRIPE ) with a

while i can't answer your question directly its best not to use the
fast trak ide raid controller, promise is not forthcomming about
information, so it should be considered unstable:

Alan concluded, "They seem very keen not to co-operate on the fasttrak so 
its probably best to avoid motherboards that have the fasttrak chipset and 
tell the board vendor why."

3ware seems to make a well supported ide raid controller, a good one.
and sells for a good price(under $200 i believe). im in the market
for 3 2U-4U 300GB ide raid systems using 3ware ...already had a horrid
experience with some company called pogolinux, suggest you don't
use them :)

hope this helps :)


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