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Netscape v.s. C source code


I have HTML-ized documentation for a code library that contains links
to the actual header files.  Clicking on the link is supposed to show
the contents of the "fool.h" file, for example.

However, instead of displaying the text in the netscape window,
I get a little popup showing the first few dozen lines and the
	<< stderr diagnostics have been truncated >>

with an "OK" button.  It is the same popup you sometimes get when
netscape runs a "helper" application (e.g. ghostview) to display

I looked through netscape's list of "helper apps" in the preferences
panel, and discovered several things with mime types like


that were set to be handled by "unknown:promptuser" or something
(I've mucked about and can't recall exactly).  However, the option
to be handled by "Navigator" is greyed out and un-selectable.

WTF?  It's *text*, after all.  What magic spell do I need to convince
navigator to put it into the main window like a "foo.txt" file?

Thanks so much,

P.S.  This is a Debian/unstable system, with Communicator 4.77.

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