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gnome/sawfish: windows only open on workspace #1


I'm using GNOME with sawfish as the window manager.  

In GNOME's control centre, I have ticked the option to "automatically
save changes to session".  This appears to work: when I log in (using
gdm), the applications that were running in my last session are

Sawfish, like any modern window manager, has "virtual desktops" that
they call "workspaces".  I have it configured to open seven workspaces.

I normally have one or two xterms in each workspace.  Some workspaces
will have an xemacs window or two, and there is usually a netscape
window open, too.

After I "logout" from the gnome session, and log back in, all the same
windows open -- as near as I can tell -- but THEY ALL OPEN ON
WORKSPACE #1 which makes an unholy mess.  

Am I doing something wrong?  I'd like each window to appear on the
same workspace that it occupied in the previous session.  I've scoured
the control centre for a relevant option, but failed to find it.

Or is it a bug in the code somewhere?  There is one exception that I
have noticed in casual usage: gmix will open up on the same workspace
it was on in the last session.  Does it do something that the other
applications do not?  Who needs to fix things: sawfish, gnome, or all
the application writers?  (Hopefully not the latter -- that would be a
real mess)

I should mention versions.  I am using Debian "unstable" (with Debian
GNOME, no Ximian packages), apt-get upgraded as of a day or two ago.
But this problem has been ongoing for months.  In fact, I think it has
been this way for the two years that I've been using GNOME.

For any help or advice that you can offer, many thanks,

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