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Re: kde2

    Hello David,

Linux format? Maybe you mean linux *distro*?

kde2 afaik doesn't ship with debian (but anyone could if they wanted to). The 
latest potato builds are available, go to http://kde.debian.net and it will 
tell you how to set your apt source.list up. I'm using it now, and it still 
has a few quirks yet is a very full featured gui. I think you will enjoy 
using it.

best of luck to you.

On Wednesday 02 May 2001 08:06, David Richards wrote:
> I have just got linux format in the uk and it has kde2.1 on the cd. Has
> anyone installed it yet and will i be able to get any packages that it will
> needs, that arent included on the cd via apt-get ?
> regards
> david


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