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Re: /usr/src is empty

On Wed, May 02, 2001 at 12:20:53AM -0400, John Willey wrote:
> Feeling rather silly, but I don't seem to have anything in this 
> directory.  I was trying to compile the drivers for a Linksys 10/100 
> PCI card, and it couldn't find various files.  I checked, and 
> discovered that nothing is in there.
> FWIW, I gave up and installed a 3COM card.
> Still, I need to sort out the missing source files problem, as I'd 
> like to try mucking about with the kernel.  I'm somewhat experienced 
> at USING Linux (as opposed to configuring), but I've never had this 
> problem.  In the past with other distributions everything seems to be 
> there.  I'm sure this is an obvious issue for some of you, but I'm 
> rather stumped.  Yes, /usr/src is EMPTY.
> I've got potato and 2.2.19.  Any advice?  Most of my linux experience 
> is with OLD versions of MkLinux, and some various BSD thrown in.  Now 
> I'm trying to re-enter the 21st century, and things seem to have 
> changed.:-)
> I need to get this going so I can IPMASQ and kill the Win2K NAT box 
> (Please, please don't ask.  We all do things we're ashamed of.)
> Thanks for your patience.  I'm assuming I screwed up somewhere in the install.

You just need to install the kernel source.

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