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Re: backup strategies

hi ha morgan...

i think the first tar creates ROOT$date.tar.gz...
	and think it backup /home too since its not excluded ??
	( which should ignore itself... as you're referring

	unless /home is a link to go somewhere else the 
	second tar command is not needed ??

the second tar creates HOME$date.tar.gz... which backups up the 
prev(first) ROOT$date.tar.gz ??

and the third tar creates CVS$date.tar.gz

and all three tar files gets magically dumped to cdr ( good idea )

c ya

On Tue, 1 May 2001, Morgan Terry wrote:

> Alvin Oga wrote:
> [...]
> > i think $cdtemp should be in /tmp or /usr/tmp so that the temporary backup
> > files /home/ftp/cdrimage/ROOT$date.tar.gz does not backup also into
> > /home/ftp/cdrimage/HOME$date.tar.gz  and a partial copy of itself too ??
> [...]
> Actually, tar (GNU tar at least) is smart enough to not try to add to
> the archive to itself.  `man tar` or `info tar` for details...
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