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Re: debian package mirrors

On Tue, 01 May 2001 16:32:57 +0100, you wrote:

>Dean Liversidge <dean@speccy.org.uk> wrote:
>[Package pools]
>>I couldnt find any reference to the changes on the debian site, i
>>would have expected a fundamental change like this to noticable,
>>especially as it affects stable
>It was announced months ago (November or so) on debian-devel-announce.
>You might want to read that list if you're mirroring; it's pretty low

I've only just noticed it, maybe its only just affected me !
Im no expert at linux, tho ive been using for a while and can get by
with most things, so didnt class myslef up to the devel level yet :),
so i only get linx.debian.announce

Dean Liversidge


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