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Re: power management tune up

On Tue, May 01, 2001 at 06:30:05PM +0100, J.A.Serralheiro wrote:
>  Who can I tune up power management using linux?
>  my bios has support for apm but I'd rather linux
>  I'm not very familiar with linux, as I couldnt find any HOWTO specificaly
>  for apm.
>  thank you

To use APM, you must enable APM support in the kernel (you do this
when you compile the kernel).  If you are using the stock debian
kernel, insert a line


in your /etc/lilo.conf.  You should also install apmd to fully utilize
APM's features.

If your box supports ACPI and you're willing to use a 2.4 kernel, you
can enable ACPI support instead of APM and then install acpid.  I have
a HP Pavilion that works fine with this setup.  ACPI may be supported
by the latest 2.2 kernels; I don't know.


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