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Re: How boot scripts?

Quoting V.Suresh (oizuamuqs@yahoo.com):
> The module is for my modem, and if I put it in /etc/modules, will it be
> loaded, since it needs '-f' for kernel version mismatch. Will that
> be done during boot up, if I put it in /etc/modules?

No. /etc/init.d/modutils does not use the -f flag.

AFAICT (not having had to do this), you can add something like
(i.e. one of) the following to your /etc/modutils/local file
(create it if it doesn't exist):

install modulename insmod -f
install modulename "insmod -f"
install modulename insmod -f modulename
install modulename "insmod -f modulename"

The reason I've given four variations is that man modules.conf
gives no examples. Basically you're telling it that when insmod
tries to insert modulename, it should use the command given,
instead of just insmod. I suspect one of the first two is correct.

After you've changed anything in /etc/modutils, you need to run
update-modules to regenerate /etc/modules.conf which you should
never edit directly.

>   The second one, I tried putting the font name in /ete/console-tools/config.
>   It isn't working. That is why I thought of a script.

What do you mean by "I tried putting the font name in ..."?
/etc/console-tools/config must contain only environment variables
that /etc/init.d/console-screen.sh understands. Anything else
will either have no effect or produce errors.

It would be sensible to post *what* you added to the file, rather than
just saying "It isn't working." whci means nothing to anyone whose not
sitting in front of your machine when it boots.

> >>     I Understand that I have to write a script. Okay, written. The script
> >> 	 executes fine. Now where do I put the script, and how do I make
> >> 	 it run during bootup?

Writing scripts is just fine for something that Debian doesn't cater for,
but you are making work for yourself by not playing the Debian way.


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