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RE: Slow Cable Modem

can't be normal day with cable modem, 3 minutes later same machine, same
site, same file, but win98 is a 5 second download, compared to tens of
minutes or not at all in linux (now potato with A Bunk's updates, actually
downloaded in win98)

On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 11:02:02AM -0500, Kidd, Peter wrote:
> on a dual boot PC, apt-get runs effectively 10-20X slower than win98 ftp's
> to the same sites, downloading occurs in short spurts followed by long
> pauses and frequent 'timed outs' - running with Surfboard 4100 to @home -
> it because I have a 2.4.1 kernel running an otherwise slink installation
> (which I'm trying to dist-upgrade)?

Looks to me normal day with cable modem.  There are many local network
bottle neck issues.  Oh last few weeks some debian host were slow.  Some
address has multiple host and they respond differently.  Osamu

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