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Re: ESD no long works after new alsa modules compilation

Chun Kit Edwin Lau wrote:

> Hi everyone,
>         I don't know what's happening.. but it seems like my esd can no
> long startup after I compile and install the new module 0.9+0beta3-1. also
> some of the option for module ens1371 are no long support, isn't it? it
> gave me the follow when I start. Anyone knows what's happening?


You are at least the third (me and another, see the last week archived messages
=), so i think it's a problem with the last alsa driver or alsa-conf. I've an
integrated sound board (VIA 686) and with the upgrade to 0.9 the card stopped
working (yeah, using sid). I've found some error messages in /var/log/syslog
(invalid parameter parm_snd_pbk_frame_size), so i've commented out the lines in
the config about the options to make it working again...


P.S. YMMV but using esd with the new driver there was a very disturbing noise in
the left channel...

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