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RE: closeing open ports

What is a good starting point / reference point on ipchains.  I have it
installedx but not config.  Is there a file that i can edit for ipchains?

I only need
21 ftp
22 ssh
25 smtp
80 http

what would be a good script for that?

thanks again


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On Sun, Apr 29, 2001 at 01:13:07AM -0700, Michael Earls wrote:
> What file do i need to edit to close open ports,
> ex, port 111 /tcp sunrpc
>             515/ tcp printer
>             2000/ tcp callback

Install and configure ipchains. There are various firewall packages that you
can configure on top of ipchains as well to provide more monitoring.

Ideally have minimal ports open. My gateway box has only 5 ports open for
misc sevices such as http and ssh.


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