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Re: X setup in Woody

Hans wrote:

> Upgraded a fresh Potato install to Woody. Came with XFree4, but XF86Setup
> is gone. So is xf86config, anXious and there is no dexter, which I
> understand is the replacement. Now I understand why people say setting up X
> is so hard :-)
> How to use debconf or other tools to set up X? Or can I dump Xfree4 and
> install Xfree3 from Potato? I don't need a fancy X, just plain X. Hints
> appreciated. --Hans

You could try "xf86cfg", or "xf86cfg -textmode" if the grafic version is not

With debian you could have XFree 4.x and XFree 3.3.x both installed (correct me
if i'm wrong), XFree4 is needed only if you need DRI, so it's only your

Hope could helps.


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