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I am using Postgresql 6.5.3 on Potato. 

My daily backup script started reporting the following a few days ago:

ERROR:  cannot create pgdump_oid
Can not create pgdump_oid table.  Explanation from backend: 'ERROR:
cannot create pgdump_oid
I had the same problem last year and in the end had to delete the
database and rebuild it from the previous successful dump.

That this problem has reappeared convinced me that postgresql - at
least 6.5.3 - was not reliable.  So I decided to try 7.1.  Oliver sent
me a message telling me that a potato version will be available in a
few days.  I decided that in the light of the fact that I cannot
backup my database at the moment, it is urgent that I get some sort of
solution. So tried to compile the sources in unstable and experienced
two problems:

1. There was no .dsc-file.
2. I could not get to compile it because of the following error:
   checking for tclConfig.sh... no
configure: error: file `tclConfig.sh' is required for Tcl
make: *** [config.cache] Error 1

$dpkg -L tcl8.0-dev | grep tclConfig.sh
Where is "configure" looking for tclConfig.sh?

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