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Re: debian install

That might not be your problem then. The only reason I suggested that is because I got a 2 cd debian set from linuxmall, both of which are bootable and will do partitions but only one of them (the one labelled 1 of 2) will work past that stage. The other will fail with a mount error but I don't think it said anything about an invalid argument, I believe it was just "unable to mount"...

Another possibility is that you chose the wrong device to install from (if I remember correctly, it gives you a list including sr0, hda, hdb, hdc, etc unless this has changed since I last installed). You need to make sure you choose the correct drive. For example, mine is hdc (i.e. the first drive on the second ide controller). If you just hit enter for this list, I believe the default is /dev/sr0 which is a scsi cdrom.

Artem Litvinovich wrote:

The mount error message on the console says something about "invalid
arguement" when trying to mount /dev/cdrom /instmnt -o ro.

I assume the CD is good if it boots and lets me create/initialize partitians
and the mount the root. Am I wrong?


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Artem Litvinovich wrote:

On installing debian...

Since I cant get easy access to any floppies, I burned an image of a debian
2.2r2 cd (only the fist cd, for now). I booted from the CD and created the
necessary partitians. Mounted root on one of them. Here I run into a
The next step is to install the kernel, I select "install from CD" and


being prompted to insert the DEBIAN CD, a message pops up that says "could
not mount the CD" or something to that effect. What to do? Any way I can
avoid floppies?

Thanks, in advance, for your help.

Sounds to me like you burned the wrong CD... I could be wrong though.

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