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Re: removing inetd

-> > > at boot, i was starting innd, of which i believe i've
-> > > gotten rid.  but i still see inetd as a pid when i
-> > > run top.
-> > >
-> > > how do i remove inetd or stop it from starting.
-> > > (currently i stop it by killing the pid.)
-> > 
-> > inetd should be running. If you wish to disable innd and if it's started by 
-> > inetd, edit /etc/inetd.conf and comment out the appropriate line.
-> > 
-> > inetd is the general daemon that answers connections for a variety of 
-> > services. Usually you want it running.
-> i've got xinetd instead, which i think is more configurable.
-> comments, anyone?

may I agree with you ? :)
xinetd is much more powerful then inetd and I recommend putting it as
default (if someone wants to run such thing at all)
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