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swapping hard disks

I just got Debian installed (potatoe), and due to the way I had to get
the old machine up and gonig to install from CD rom, the hard disk on
which I installed is connected to the second IDE master, not the
primary.  The installation routine located it as /dev/hdc1.

How can I modify my configuration so I can physically disconnect this
disk and connect it to the primary IDE channel, and make it bootable.
I'm booting from floppy right now.  When I tried to make the disk
bootable during install, I got some error "incorrect geometry" or
something like that, I could load LILO on either hard disk for some

Any help is appreciated, I've got on old Pentium 100, 72 Mb RAM, windoze
disk is 800 Mb, Linux disk is 1 Gb.


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