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Re: OT: Converting from pine to mutt

On Mon, Apr 23, 2001, Stephen E. Hargrove wrote:
> I've beening using pine for quite a while now have several folders in
> ~/Mail.  My main inbox is ~/Mail/mbox, but my spam filters and other
> procmail recipes have created several other mail folders. Because the
> filters work so well (no credit to me, I assure you), mbox rarely contains
> anything.
> I've been toying around with mutt, and made several small changes to the
> sample.muttrc (now located at ~/.muttrc).  I pointed to ~/Mail/mbox as my
> inbox.  However, when I fire up mutt, I don't seem to have access to any
> of other mail folders.  It seems to be looking only to ~/Mail/mbox.
> I know I'm missing something pretty simple.  I've read through several
> docs and sample .muttrc files, but it's not the answer isn't making itself
> clear to me.  If anyone could point me to a "newbie" howto doc online, I'd
> appreciate it.


There's an automatic web-based muttrc generator at:


This might help.  Also from mutt documentation (to be placed in muttrc):

3.11 Defining mailboxes which receive mail 
Usage: mailboxes [!]filename [ filename ... ] 
This command specifies folders which can receive mail and which will
be checked for new messages. By default, the main menu status bar
displays how many of these folders have new messages.
When changing folders, pressing space will cycle through folders with
new mail.
Pressing TAB in the directory browser will bring up a menu showing the
files specified by the mailboxes command, and indicate which contain
new messages. Mutt will automatically enter this mode when invoked
from the command line with the -y option.

Hope this helps and take care,


Daniel A. Freedman
Laboratory for Atomic and Solid State Physics
Department of Physics
Cornell University

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