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Re: dpkg: Update failures

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> any particular reason you need perl 5.6 and xfree86 4? perl 5.6 is
> not part of debian stable(for good reason if you've read the archives
> it is a source of problems from time to time in unstable). same
> for xfree86 4, it is not "stable" yet so it is not in the sable
> distribution(and last i tried to find 3rd party .debs for it
> i could not..). same for mozilla 0.8.1. so basically anything

Just because it's not in Debian stable it doesn't mean the software is 
unstable. I'm using XF 4.x, packages from debian unstable and it works 
perfectly. And XF 4.0 is indeed "release", it's not in beta or anything.

As for Mozilla 0.8, it's light years ahead of M18 in terms of stability. 
Although now I'm using konqueror.
> I hate to say it but the problems your having were caused by you
> wanting to use knowingly unstable program versions. you probably
> should of asked the list before attempting what you did as some
> people may of been able to warn you ahead of time what you were
> getting into.


Sure, using bleading edge software increses the chances of bugs, but to just 
blatantly state that that's the reason someone is having problems is a bit 

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