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Re: Moving to a new hd

i seem to remember reading that you have to use tar in order to get a
complete copy of a filesystem.  unfortunately i dont remember the

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Sent: Friday, April 06, 2001 2:52 PM
Subject: Moving to a new hd

> A while ago a bought a new IDE hd for one of my Debian boxes,
> hooked it up as hdb, moved /home, /usr, and /var there, but left
> the root file system on hda1 (on the old drive). Now I want to
> get rid of the old hd altogether (it's slow and noisy).
> So, after performing some extensive surgery on a living Debian
> system, I managed to repartition hdb from scratch (leaving
> /dev/hdb1 unused) and got everything set up and working again.
> But I have yet to move the root filesystem from hda1 to hdb1 and
> hook up hdb as hda.
> What's the usual procedure to do that without reinstalling? Some
> step-by-step instructions would be very much appreciated. What is
> puzzling me is how to move the specials in /dev/* (I guess cp -a
> doesn't cut it, does it?) and how do I deal with LILO when
> exchanging the drives.
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