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Re: good laptops

on Wed, Apr 18, 2001 at 03:35:23PM -0700, Paul Clifford (paulpine@onebox.com) wrote:
> What are some good laptop vendors that will run Debian Linux reliably?

The Compal 2020 OEM system has been serving me fine since January.  

This was previously sold as the TuxTops Amethyst 20U (who I bought it
from), now marketed as QLITech (who picked up the TuxTops line:
http://www.qlitech.net/) and a few other resellers, including ChemBook
and a major US computer manufacterer whose employment tactics lately
have been pissing me off (and hurting friends).

This is a lightweight (w/ docking base removed, 2.4 lb) system but with
a comfortable keyboard and 1024x768 screen (13.3").  I got the PIII
600/500 with 128 MB and a 20GB drive (more storage than my other two
boxes combined ;-).  CPUs to 850 MHz, memory to 320 MB.

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