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Re: GPG key not found

Hello Andre,

* Andre Berger wrote:

> I've uploaded my GPG public key to www.keyserver.net some days ago. The
> key ID is 07182FBC, but you can only get the key as 0x07182FBC, or
> andre.berger@topmail.de. What's wrong? 

Nothing is wrong.

> How do I keep people from
> besieging me to upload a key to a key server that has already been
> uplaoded? 

Your key is there and will be synchronized with other
key-servers in the next weeks.

        07182FBC     Andre Berger  <andre.berger@topmail.de>
                Fingerprint = C682 97F1 D8E7 89AB CF1E 9A0A 70AD
                1A8B 0718 2FBC
                      07182FBC          Andre Berger


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