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Re: flawed thinking on dist upgrade?

D Hoyem <youto_22554@yahoo.com> writes:
DH> Being a Debian newbie and running Potato2.2r on a PII
DH> 350 this is the course of action that I'm thinking of
DH> taking to do a upgrade to Woody is it flawed?
DH>   1. Do a apt-get install on Adrin Bunk's .deb files
DH>   2. Do a apt-get install kernel 2.4.3 image and
DH> headers.
DH>   Question...Once I do the kernel install how do I
DH> install the updated ppp that I said no to when I did
DH> the Adrin update?
DH>   3. Add the deb-src lines from Dave's Debians Doc's
DH> at dharris.freeshell.org/linux

What are these particular sources?  AFAIK they aren't essential to
running the Debian testing distribution...

DH>   4  Do a apt-get update woody.
DH>   5. Do a apt-get source woody.
DH>   6. Do dpkg-buildpackage -uc -b
DH>   7. Comment out the deb-src lines then do a dpkg -i
DH> woody.deb

It sounds like you're confused on what 'woody' is.  It's not a single
package; it's a constantly-updated version of all of Debian that's
newer than stable (currently 'potato') and (in theory) less broken
than unstable ('sid').

You described yourself as a Debian newbie.  Why do you want to run
woody?  If it breaks, are you prepared to fix it?  Unless you already
have a good understanding of Unix/Linux/Debian, I'd recommend you
stick with the stable distribution since it will Just Work, a
guarantee that can't be made for either testing or unstable.

David Maze         dmaze@debian.org      http://people.debian.org/~dmaze/
"Theoretical politics is interesting.  Politicking should be illegal."
	-- Abra Mitchell

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