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Re: Probs compiling gnucash 1.4.11 from sources (gtk-xmhtml.h is missing)

> Hello folks,
> since the packaged version of gnucash is 1.3.4 (even in unstable) I
> downloaded the sources to for 1.4.11 and tried to compile from sources. 
> However ./configure tells me, that it can't find the gtk-xmhtml.h header
> file.  I have libgtkxmhtml1 installed, and tried to install
> libgtkmhtml1-dev, but this package does not exist (not even in
> unstable).  So I am stuck with unmet dependencies.  
> Was anybody lucky in installing 1.4.11 from sources?  Or is there an
> unofficial site out there, that hosts Debian packages for gnucash?
> BTW, I'm currently running woody, but am willing to install some
> packages from unstable.
> TIA,
> Viktor
> -- 
> Viktor Rosenfeld
> WWW: http://www.informatik.hu-berlin.de/~rosenfel/
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1) Perhaps it is libgtkxmhtml-dev?
2) You might considering down loading the deb source package of gnucash and looking for its dependecies.
	Shaul Karl <shaulka@bezeqint.net>

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