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Re: Diagnostic advice: How to find; what filled up a 27% of 13.3 Gb drive overnite!

John Foster wrote:
> I am running a mixed testing/unstable system and after my last upgrade I
> have 2 new problems. My test system is on a 13.3 Gb drive and I have
> been at 63% full for about a year. I was downloading some mail and got a
> disk full error. I had NEVER seen this before on any of my Linux
> systems. I checked and sure enough the disk is showing 100% full. I
> moved a bunch of old archives (about 7%) off it and left it sit for a
> day. When I came back it was completely full again. Any ideas on how to
> locate the problem. I have NO Clue.

this will help you find where the large stuff is

du -k / | sort -n

you'll have on stdout a list of all the directories in your system
with their sub-tree size, sorted by growing sizes.

this often helped me a lot! it will take some time, and you'll maybe
some free disk space for sort temp files.

hope it helps


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