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Escalade 5000 or Some other sort of raid for a fresh install :)

Ok Heres the deal, Im currently running Windows 98, Im ditching microsoft
completly on my desktop, its a PIII750 Dual IBM 20Giggers on a Promise
FastTrak66, Radeon 64MB DDR, 256MB Ram LCD Flat panel Sound blaster live
etc. etc. My problem lyes in the fact that i want to run RAID0, Im thinking
about ditching the promise (Since they, A only have beta linux drivers and B
wont realse the source for someone else to port them) and thinking of
getting a escalade 5000 (www.3ware.com) or running software raid, I want to
be able to install to this raid device mind you, install and boot, its going
to be the only IDE hard drive(s) in the system.

Now ive talked to a 3ware tech rep, they offer RH and SuSE modules and
openly give out the source, he said the latest kernals should support it
though, at any rate has anyone tried or is using this?

If so can you help me get through it, or find a boot disk with the module
compiled on it?

Im fairly new to linux so any help would be..well...helpful

Tim Brown

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