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Re: Exim PAM SMTP Authentication, help!

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...

> Why is this?  It would seem that unix_chkpwd would be able to do this,
> and afaik, pam_unix uses it automatically.  At least, it did on RHL.

unix_chkpwd only authenticates the calling uid.  It won't work for general
use ie for exim to authenticate.

> Am I missing something in the way Debian stuff is set up?  Hmmm... it
> looks like it may only let you auth against the id calling it, which
> would explain the difficulty.  Though a similar program should be
> written to do the same, so other programs can run without root.

And one has.  Hence my suggestion to use the perl capabilities of exim, so
that such a program can be used for authentication.  I can make the
sources available under the GPL, if you like.

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