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OT : RE: TNT2 and Potato XF86 3.3

well, i'm no expert on this but i noticed a HUGE increase in benchmark
number after lowering my aperture size from 128MB to 64MB on a 64MB system,
after i upgraded to 192MB Ram i tried the 128MB setting and also the 256MB
setting. Together with some minor optimizations to the bios my system showed
overall improvements and especially in video benchmarks. The minor
optimizations came from setting the ram speed type from 70ns to 60ns,
reducing wait cycles and so on. There's probably an optimisation guide out
there for your motherboard as well. I've used a guide from
www.arstechica.com together with some trial-n-error settings to get things
working properly.

One warning : if you're not confident on what a setting might do DONT change
it, you might scramble your system. Read the Manual if you have one at hand.



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Joris Lambrecht wrote:

>           i wasn't impressed until i started playing with the apperture
> and some other little tweaks. Once you get the right apperture size the
> is surely up to a tnt2

What do we need to do?


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