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Re: slrn newsreader, How do I specify my from address?

On Thu, Apr 05, 2001 at 09:52:25PM -0700, Brian Lavender wrote:
> In slrn when I post to a newsgroup, it puts my from email address as
>  brian@darkstar.brie.com..brie.com
> I would like it to put it as my real email address which is:
> brian@brie.com
> Is there a config file I need to modify?

From /usr/share/doc/slrn/FAQ.gz:

Subject: 12. How can I set my rom' line for my posts?

     Use the .slrnrc settings:

         set hostname "YOUR.HOST.NAME"
         set username "USERNAME"
         set realname "YOUR REAL NAME"

    This will cause slrn to use a From line of the form:


    Finally, if a slang function called 
    exists, then it will be used to generate the rom' header, e.g.,

        define make_from_string_hook ()
           return "W. J. Clinton <president@whitehouse.gov>";

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