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Re: Power off Button

Nathan E Norman wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 05, 2001 at 03:28:33PM +1000, Matthew Dalton wrote:
> > So you could try:
> > - compiling your own 2.2 kernel
> > - upgrading to a 2.4 kernel
> Here's a fairly painless idea.  If you're using the stock debian
> kernel-image, add a line to your /etc/lilo.conf:
>   append="apm=on"
> and run "lilo" as root.
> The stock kernels include apm support but turn it off by default.

I'm using stable 2.2.17 kernel and this worked perfect. I made sure I
had a lilo option to boot the kernel with out the option in case it
didn't work so well. Seemed like a good idea anyway.

Eric :-)
And I thought SuSE 6.4 was doing something really fancy to do the auto
power off.

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