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Re: qpopper weirdness

MaD dUCK wrote:
> also sprach Nathan E Norman (on Wed, 04 Apr 2001 03:03:39PM -0500):
> > I never had any major problems with cucipop.  There are two caveats:
> well, for the sake of fixing this promptly, i went ahead and replaced
> qpopper with cucipop. however, now there is a 20 second delay between
> the user entering the password in the POP3 session over netcat, and
> the log line

probably the fault of the mailbox format(?). i run a few qpopper servers
but haven't used pop3 in years so i never noticed the delay, i just
tested it on a dual p2-233 384MB system with qpopper 3.0.2 on a debian
2.1(slink) system and it took about 12 seconds to login with 4,870 messages
in the inbox. i tried another login on my new ultra fast systems running
cyrus imap and cyrus pop and with my inbox with 866 messages login
was less then 1 second on a dual p3-800 512MB.

cyrus is reaaaaaaaaaaly fast but its not friendly to local mail
checking(e.g. with pine or mutt or whatever) you have to point
your client to the IMAP or pop server and login to it(which
pine and mutt can do but its not as convienent). and its
more secure from sleepy typers like me(one time last year
i was cleaning my home dir and typed rm -rf * on accident
and wiped out years worth of non backed up email -- yes i
don't backup..maybe someday i will ..)

i highly reccomend cyrus though. its lightning fast. 


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