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Help, looks like IMAP/PAM configuration

Hello list,

After wasting most of the day I have to resort to asking for help. My machine is a Debian Linux 2.2.14
and I installed the prepackaged Cyrus Imap 1.5.19. I have also installed prepackaged PAM modules.
I'm trying to use the Netscape 4.76 and Mozilla to get the mail. Mozilla gives a better hint as to what happens. It says:
"An error occurred while sending your password to the mail server. You should contact the administrator for this server or try again later"
followed by
" Could not log in to the mail server. The server responded: Name is a valid mailbox. Please enter a new password for user ams@izaord.com"

I suspect it has to do with PAM but I can't figure out what is wrong. Here iare the contents of /etc/pam.d/cyrus :

# PAM configurtion file for Cyrus pwcheck

auth            required                pam_unix.so nullok
account      required                pam_unix.so

I also noticed that the daemon started is pwcheck_standard, so I killed it and started pwcheck_pam but it had no effect.
Please cc me on your reply, as I am not on the list. Until my server is up I have to use web mail account and they are not suited for tons of mail.

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