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Re: Need help setting up SB PCI 128 sound card on potato system

Joe Nahmias wrote:
> Hello All!
>         I have a newly installed Debian 2.2r0 (yes, I know I should upgrade,
> but that's what was on the cd...) system that I'm trying to get my sound
> card (SoundBlaster PCI 128) working on.
>         So far, I have downloaded the latest 2.2 kernel (2.2.19) and
> compiled in support for the card (CONFIG_SOUND_ES1371=y), with no success.
> After booting the newly compiled kernel, the soundcard is recognized (see
> dmesg output fragment below), but it is unusable, ie. 'cat /dev/sndstat'
> returns: No such device.

did you  expect something from /dev/sndstat ? i've never used that ..
i also have a ES1371(or is it a 1370 ..) it is a SB PCI 128..using
kernel 2.2.18(self compiled and it works great. infact its by far
my favorite soundcard to use in linux..i wouldnt use anything else.

try something that actually plays a sound(xmms, mpg123, mpegtv, realplayer

it should work ..of course if your not in the right group and your
running as non root that won't work so be sure your in the right
group(audio i believe)


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