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Re: Compaq Smart2 Array

I use Compaq Proliants for my servers and have had to manually make the necessary devices as SOP on fresh installations. Configuring the array does nothing to solve this issue - the device files just aren't in the boot image (/dev/ida/c0d*).

After booting from the CD I Ctrl-Alt-F2 and get into the shell provided (thank goodness for this or we'd be hosed). I then mkdir /dev/ida, cd into it, and mknod b 72 0 c0d0, and mknod b 72 X c0d0pX (where X=[1-15]). After that, I take a pre-compiled cpqarray.o module on a floppy, cp it to /lib/modules/misc, do a depmod -a, modprobe, and lsmod (just to make sure). After that you should be good to go for installation.

Afterward you'll need to have an kernel with the cpqarray module already statically compiled in, copy that from floppy into /target/boot, ln -s /target/boot /boot, ln -s /target/boot/bzImage /vmlinuz, /target/sbin/lilo -C /target/etc/lilo.conf, and then reboot. Let the install process finish up normally after reboot and then rebuild yourself a new kernel with whatever other little gizmos you want to add in (making SURE that the Compaq SmartArray module is statically compiled!).

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Nathan Ollerenshaw wrote:
> Ok,
> the driver definately on there and the smart2 array controller is detected,
> but the debian installer doesn't find it after the keyboard configuration.
> It should be /dev/ida/c0d0 but opening an interactive shell and trying to
> find it, it's not there.
> Does anyone here have any experience with this?
> Nathan. (happily talking to himself ;)
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Have you already configured the array?  I've only had to install NT on
Compaqs but before I even start installing the OS I have to configure
the array controller i.e. tell it which spindles should be used for each
of the logical drives, and what raid mode to use for each logical

The Smart Array configuration utility is on the Compaq SmartStart CD -
it's bootable.



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