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Re: Linux Virus

On Sun, Apr 01, 2001 at 09:23:33AM +0000, hzi wrote: 

> When you use wvdial, you read e-mail as root, don't you? Wvdial is probably
> the most common way to set up a ppp conection, since it's suggested in the
> Debian docuemtntaion.

> So I guess my question would be how to use wvdial and still remain safe
> from "virus".

Once you sign on with wvdial all users can use the internet, so you don't
have to be logged in as root to read your email.

There is a program 'pppconfig' which I think is better than wvdial and also
makes it easy to allow users other than root to start and stop ppp

Harry Henry Gebel
West Dover Hundred, Delaware

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