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Re: Sys Admin

On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 08:49:42PM -0700, Anthony @ PencilFight Design wrote:
> I am looking into becoming a Unix System Administrator. I know a few that
> all learned basically "on the job". I'm wondering if there is any one who
> knows of a good way to start. Online classes?  I've heard of the Red Book
> and of course the O-Reilly books but was wondering if there was any classes
> any one has heard about.

FYI, the Red Book is now purple.  

I don't know of any online classes, though there is some kind of
resource at http://wks.uts.ohio-state.edu/sysadm_course/sysadm.html.
(It might be old...I've had it in my bookmarks forever.  Maybe also
check things like http://www.ugu.com/

If you want to do it as a career (you are a masochist, and not because
of UNIX) you can look for "junior sysadmin" type job listings.  They'll
mostly have you do things like cycle backup tapes, monitor servers, or
act as a firewall between the (l)users and the higher up sysadmins.  If
that's not enough to discourage further pursuit of sysadminning, then
you deserve what you get...  


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