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Re: installed program as only run as su

On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 02:50:34PM +0100, JACKSON, DEAN wrote:
> I have installed a program and can only run it when logged in as su
> location of directory is /home/dean
> what command do i have to run to make it so all users can run it especially
> dean?
> chmod  -R 755 /home/dean 
> springs to mind but don't want to try it till i get confirmation (newbie who
> doesnt want to break his system)

Why don't you give a little more information on what program and what
users you are talking about.  Are these users other people?  Programs
that are accessible from the command line only as root are that way for a
purpose.  If you provide more information some knowledgeable person will
help I'm sure.

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