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Re: custom packages

on Sat, Mar 31, 2001 at 03:44:37PM -0500, Michael Soulier (msoulier@nortelnetworks.com) wrote:
>     Hey guys. What's the recommended method for custom Debian packages?
>     Situation: I need xterm with logging enabled so I can log long builds at
> work. No, script is not enough. 
>     I would like to rebuild xterm from source and enable logging, but I'd like
> to wrap it up in a Debian .deb file so that it's tracked by the packaging
> system. 
>     What's recommended here? 

If you want to work within the Debian packaging system:

    # cd to a suitable build directory
    $ apt-get source xterm
    # apply patches
    # build binaries
    $ fakeroot debian/binary

See debian docs for more info, there's some background on building
packages from sources.

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