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LSR safety check

Ok, I have to admit my ignorance on this, so I turn to you all. I've got a
dialup connection, no problem there, except that when I have been working in
the computer for some time without being connected (like maybe 2-3 hours)
and then try to connect, I can't. I looked at the syslog and it displays this:

Apr  1 23:44:32 dinsdale pppd[5249]: pppd 2.4.0 started by root, uid 0
Apr  1 23:44:32 dinsdale kernel: LSR safety check engaged!
Apr  1 23:44:33 dinsdale last message repeated 2 times
Apr  1 23:44:34 dinsdale pppd[5249]: Exit.

So what is this LSR safety check and what can I do to avoid this happening?
If I reboot the computer everything works fine. Oh, and I'm running Woody
and kernel 2.4.2 which I have compiled myself.



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