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Re: Printer Problem Solved..sorta..

Doing some investigation, I find the problem lies more with StarOffice 5.2
than it does with my printer configuration. I changed lpd to lprng and have
configured it. ABI word prints fine, I can print from mutt, netscape, lyx,
etc.. but nothing happens with StarOffice, the printer just keeps spitting
out blank pages. On an email thread, I saw there were some changes that had
to be made to the printcap file having to do with *levels*? but I've decided
to remove StarOffice. It's so slow loading that I never use it anyhow. 

> The problem is when I try to print from StarOffice. The printer starts but
> nothing is printed to the page. Anyone else have this problem or know the
> solution? I'm using apsfilter, lpd, and an epson stylus color 600 printer.

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