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Re: Netscape?

Please check the Debian package repository. It might be on Netscape's
site, but when looking for a Debian package...


There appear to be quite a few versions of Netscape available.

I've got an UltraSPARC 10, and I've gotten more than 8 bit color
out of it as well, though maybe you've got a different video card
than the one I've got in this. (ATI Mach 64) Granted, I don't
actually use X much on this machine - I haven't even bothered to
install XFree since I dumped Red Hat and put Debian on it.


> Damn, went ftp.netscape.com, and it looks like they dont compile one for 
> linux on sparc. Shit I had no idea, I personally, I have a couple of sparc 
> classics and an IPX, none of which I ever bothered trying to install netscape 
> on because they're so slow. At work I was going to convert a dozen sparc 
> ultra10's to debian, but without a netscape I can't do it because they're 
> used to access different web-based control systems, all standardized on 
> netscape 4.x. I can't even try to use mozilla instead because mozilla does 
> not have any low color skins. These ultra10's came with 8bit graphics, and 
> mozilla on 8bits is crap because the icons suck all the colors. 
> has anybody here made a skin for mozilla? If so how hard is it? Sometime 
> I'll look into making one, but I'm crap at graphics.....
> At Sat, 31 Mar 2001 02:22:30 -0500 (EST), cletus.yokel@hushmail.com wrote:
> >
> >Where is netscape for sparc? I've checked the main ftp and its not there. 
> > Is stable not so stable?
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