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Re: Netscape?

Damn, went ftp.netscape.com, and it looks like they dont compile one for 
linux on sparc. Shit I had no idea, I personally, I have a couple of sparc 
classics and an IPX, none of which I ever bothered trying to install netscape 
on because they're so slow. At work I was going to convert a dozen sparc 
ultra10's to debian, but without a netscape I can't do it because they're 
used to access different web-based control systems, all standardized on 
netscape 4.x. I can't even try to use mozilla instead because mozilla does 
not have any low color skins. These ultra10's came with 8bit graphics, and 
mozilla on 8bits is crap because the icons suck all the colors. 

has anybody here made a skin for mozilla? If so how hard is it? Sometime 
I'll look into making one, but I'm crap at graphics.....

At Sat, 31 Mar 2001 02:22:30 -0500 (EST), cletus.yokel@hushmail.com wrote:

>Where is netscape for sparc? I've checked the main ftp and its not there. 
> Is stable not so stable?
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