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On Sun, Apr 01, 2001 at 03:59:38PM +0200, Waldemar Brodkorb wrote:
> But:
>  ldapsearch "objectclass=*"
>  ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Can't contact LDAP server
> Any ideas what to do?
> Do I have to configure SASL correctly? 

No, you can run "ldapsearch -x" to use simple bind, without SASL. (The way
openldap v1 used to work.)

> Where's a good documentation to LDAP & SASL?
> sysadmin.html & RFC 2222 is not very understandable for me.

I have absolutely no idea.  I tried to get SASL authentication working
myself at one time, but I didn't have much luck due to the lack of

There is /usr/sbin/saslpasswd, but it seems to require root privileges for
changing passwords..  The realms are beyond me though.

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