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New hardware---PCI modem, G450; Adaptec 19160, etc.

I have been granted the parts to build four machines for a
GNU/linux network in my classroom at Marianas High School.  One of
the machine is built up from rather up-to-date parts, and I'm
having/anticipating some trouble getting it all to work together.

I am installing Debian stable for now.  This list has been helpful
in the past, so I am trying here first.  I posted when I was
planning this network, at least two years ago.  It is now an

3Com/USR 2977 PCI modem.

I would like to hear from anyone who has one of these running
under Debian.  On the Inet is found a page describing installation
on Mandrake/RedHat boxes.  Precious little is found in a google or
altavista search on setting this modem up on a GNU/Linux system.

Matrox G450

Will this card even run XFree86 3.X (Debian "2.2" on the CD)?  I
need to get it together, then upgrade.  So far, the screen locks
up.  Where can I find good reading on this?

Is the Matrox driver the way to go?

Adaptec 19160 SCSI adapter
Is there something I should know?  

I can install Debian, but cannot boot the system from the SCSI

Are there some parameters for this?  

Thanks for any help

Alan Davis
Marianas High School Science Department

adavis@saipan.com                                      1-670-235-6580
    Alan E. Davis,  PMB 30, Box 10006, Saipan, MP 96950-8906, CNMI

 I have steadily endeavored to keep my mind free, so as to give up any
 hypothesis, however much beloved -- and I cannot resist forming one on
 every subject -- as soon as facts are shown to be opposed to it.  
                                  -- Charles Darwin (1809-1882)


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