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X vs. monitor


I´m using xserver-svga (3.3.6-11potato) with a ViewSonic G800 monitor, 
"powererd" by an S3 Virge-based 4 MB RAM gfx-card.

I ran XF86Setup and entered the h/vsync rates[0], chose 1600x1200x16bpp 
(which, if I did the math[1] correctly, fits nicely in 4 MB RAM), started 
the X-server and the monitor blanked out. I then had to remotely reboot 
the machine because it wouldn´t take input from the keyboard any more.

It runs fine in 1280x1024x16bpp, though, only the onscreen menu reports 
a refresh rate of 76 Hz, where it should do 80 Hz.

Any ideas/hints/FMs to read?

0: 30-86KHz/50-120Hz
1: 1600*1200*16/8=3,840,000 bytes

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