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Re: DSL with pppoe

Hallo Debian!

Sorry for answering my own massage. But yesterday I managed to connect
to my dsl-provider. But today linux hangs on boot-up.

I have this in /etc/ppp/ppp_on_boot

,----[ ppp_on_boot ]
| ###!/bin/sh
| #
| #   Rename this file to ppp_on_boot and pppd will be fired up as
| #   soon as the system comes up, connecting to `provider'.
| #
| #   If you also make this file executable, and replace the first line
| #   with just "#!/bin/sh", the commands below will be executed instead.
| #
| # The location of the ppp daemon itself (shouldn't need to be changed)
| PPPD=/usr/sbin/pppd
| # The default provider to connect to
| $PPPD call dsl-provider
| # Additional connections, which would just use settings from
| # /etc/ppp/options.<tty>
| #$PPPD ttyS0
| #$PPPD ttyS1
| #$PPPD ttyS2
| #$PPPD ttyS3

It hangs with this message:

   Cannot determine ethernet address for proxy ARP
   local  IP address
   remote IP address

The local IP comes from /etc/hosts. But the message is the same, when
I erase the entry in /etc/hosts.

When I start with 

pppd pty "pppoe -I eth0" I get this errormessage:

pppd: The remote system is required to authenticate itself
pppd: but I couldn't find any suitable secret (password) for it to use to do so.pppd: (None of the available passwords would let it use an IP address.)

I am very confused. Can anyone give me a hint, how to setup DSL?


> I set up pppoe as written in README.Debian. So I edited
> /etc/ppp/peers/dsl-provider and all the other files. 

Null Null

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