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Re: replying to this list

On Sat, Mar 31, 2001 at 02:43:49PM -0900, Ethan Benson wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 31, 2001 at 03:09:26PM -0600, DvB wrote:
> > Whenever I reply to this list, the message goes to the original sender 
> > of the message instead of to the list unless I delete the address and 
> > retype it.
> > This hasn't happened on any othet list I've subscribed to, unless the 
> > sender of the message did something to the message (like change the 
> > reply to). Isn't there something the list manager(s) can do about 
> > this?... or is there something I'm supposed to be doing that I've just 
> > missed?
> this (nor any other debian) list does not mangle the reply-to header,
> as doing so is harmful.  regular reply sends a private reply, as it
> should.  if you want to reply to the list use list-reply, that will
> reply to debian-user@lists.debian.org and ONLY
> debian-user@lists.debian.org, not violating netequite by CCing
> everyone else involved in the thread causing them to recieve
> duplicates.
> if your mailer lacks a list-reply function i recommend you find a
> better one, list-reply is essential when you participate in mailing
> lists it saves so much time.  mutt supports list-reply and it works
> very well. 

specifically, if you're using mutt, you can specify these in your
very own ~/.muttrc file--

	subscribe debian-user debian-www debian-doc
	subscribe pgsql-general
	subscribe newbiedoc-discuss

for whichever lists you subscribe to -- and then, when reading a
list message in mutt, you can press

	L -- (cap L) reply to the public list only
	r -- reply to originator or the message, privately
	g -- reply to everyone in the address group (originator, and list)

does a brain cell think?

http://sourceforge.net/projects/newbiedoc -- we need your brain!
http://www.dontUthink.com/ -- your brain needs us!

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